New Member / Induction Dues:

*Includes membership dues to National Sigma Beta Club Foundation of $25.00 in which they will receive their membership certificate & handbook and $50.00 for local dues which they will receive their Sigma Beta Club Polo, Lavalier and, other items

Annual Local Renewal Dues:

*Annual local dues to be paid by Dec 31st for upcoming year

How to Become a Member of the Sigma Beta Club

1) Be a young man between the ages of 8-18
2) Must be currently enrolled in school
3) Complete all necessary documents

*Documents include Membership Application, Parental / Guardian Consent and, Parental / Guardian Emergency Contact forms

Expectations upon joining the Sigma Beta Club

  • Upon Joining the Sigma Beta Club all members of the club will be expected to learn and know the following items: Founding Year: 1950
  • Founder of the Sigma Beta Club: Dr. Parlette L. Moore
  • Motto of the Sigma Beta Club: “The next generation of leaders, accepting the responsibility and loving the challenge”

It is our hope that in learning how the club was founded, who founded it, how old the club / organization is and, understanding / taking pride in the motto will further each of our members commitment to be a upstanding and proud member of the Sigma Beta Club If you have any questions in regard to the Sigma Beta Club please visit the national website at or contact local Sigma Beta Club Coordinator Taurean R. Adams at